Tales from a Motorcycle Saddle (and a few other places as well)

A collection of stories written by a total non-adventure motorcyclist.

an antidote to all the adventure motorcycling sites........

Welcome and let the journey begin!  My name is Tim and I live in south east England. If, like me, you love reading about people's bikes, trips,  destinations, thoughts, troubles encountered en route, etc then read on.  BUT, don't expect to see the swamps of Eastern Siberia, the hot sand of the Sahara or sticky African mud.

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This is my contribution to the ever expanding world wide web and is dedicated to any motor cyclist who has ever decided to become an armchair motorcyclist for a while!  You may consider these stories a little "wordy" but most were originally written for print, not the Internet.  Print off the longer ones to ease your eyes!


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Preamble and Preowned


1969 to present.  How I got involved with bikes, a summary of my attitude towards bikes and biking. From Bantam to Goldwing plus a few dogs in between.

Motorcycling types from the 1970s

Remember the '70s? Perhaps you will see yourself in the descriptions here....
  A few stories in reverse chronological order....

Tim's Groats End Scoot: a summary

2016 25th anniversary of my John O'Groats to Land's End trip, this time in aid of Parkinson's UK

Tim's Groats End Scoot: The whole Story

2016 25th anniversary of my John O'Groats to Land's End trip, this time in aid of Parkinson's UK.
As above but with more details and pics.

A different journey

2005 The start of something special! (And not a motorbike in sight.)

England's Green and Pleasant Land

2004 A cross country ride of only 350 miles return from Essex to the Malvern Hills but one that really showed how beautiful England is.


In 2003 I was interviewed on John Peel's Home Truths programme on BBC Radio 4 by Jenny Eclair. The subject? Welliephobia. Yes, honestly. (4 mins 30 secs)

On a Wing and a Prayer -a one page summary

2001 North Cape, 700 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, cold, rain, wind, campsites and a camchain.

On a Wing and a Prayer  - the full Monty

As above, but the whole works

The L.E.Velocette

1989 - 1999   How ever did I stick with 7bhp for ten years?

G'day Mate

1998  A month down under but only one hour on an L.E. and a few days on a BMW K100. (Yuk)   Make a cup of coffee and read the whole trip. Planes, bikes, boats, trains, desert and romance. (Well, nearly.)

Wind, Plums, Steam and Rain

1994  A weekend in N.Yorks. 1 in 3 with that same L.E.

One Man and His Velo

1991  End to End for a kiddie's charity. 33 mph for 2118 miles. Quite a few pages in this one.

Southern Ireland

1978, A Bonnie and a chain.
A few non-motorcycling pages

The Jesus Page

1991 October 1st was a special day for me. Find out why.

HRH King Dollar
the Dreadful

A dear Ozzie friend has this cat.... a winter neck warmer?

Where's the slope?
and Too Much Slope

1998 Skiing? SKIING? N'owt to do with bikes, but I did write this for our bike club magazine. See how a snow ploughing novice faired. Twice!


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