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1991 was an exciting year - definitely nothing boring here!

1991 was also the year of JOGLE - John O'Groats to Land's End. This journey which began and ended in Chelmsford was a time of wondering and thinking. (Read about it in 'One Man and His Velo'.)  The previous year a few lines had been put in the magazine of the LE Velo Club which was the trigger for me to come back to the church.

The lines, entitled 'The Homecoming', was a fictitious conversation between Jesus Christ and His Father that might have taken place after His crucifixion, but before His resurrection. I then realised what I had been told for many years, that Jesus Christ really is the Son of God, that He died for us to save us from our sins and it is through Him and Him alone we have access to the Father.

Much happened that year, and at 9.15 pm on October 1st I prayed for forgiveness and put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. From that moment on, my place in Heaven was assured and life took on a new meaning. I had been 'born again'.  

To find out more about the Christian faith visit our church's website. Check out 'Our Beliefs' and 'Useful Resources'.  There are links to other useful sites too. My prayer is that you too will reach this point in your life.

A time of worship and baptism.

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