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Tim's Groats End Scoot

June 2016

Braintree - John O'Groats - Land's End -Braintree on a Honda scooter to raise money for Parkinson's UK.



Twenty five years ago in 1991 I did this trip on an elderly and slow ex police "Noddy" bike, a 1960 LE Velocette. My trip is documented on this site under the title "One Man and His Velo" In doing so, I had one of the most memorable weeks in my life and raised a goodly sum for a children's charity. Fast forward twenty five years to 2016 and I suddenly had the idea to do it again, this time on my one year old Honda Forza scooter and raising money for Parkinson's UK. After gaining a week's pass from my understanding wife (and nine year old daughter) I started to plan the trip.

In the write up of my 1991 trip, I put this in the preface:

Who is this little account of my trip aimed at? I compiled it for the pleasure of doing so, realising as I proceeded that it would be too motor-cycle-orientated for those with little interest in them. Also, it would not be technical enough for, say, members of the L.E. Velo Club. The person who kept coming to mind as I wrote was our friend Reg. Doff and Reg are parents of Mike, a school friend of mine who was taken from them at the age of 24. I kept in contact with them over the years.

Reg and I have had long chats about things mechanical -he is one of those clever people who, with very few tools can produce lawnmowers from washing machine bits, garden seats from hedgerows and play houses from scrap materials. He loves reading autobiographies, travelogues and books of a mechanical or engineering nature.
So, for Reg, here is:





Twenty five years have passed and with it many changes have come to us all. Reg is now 91, lives in a care home and is totally deaf. Communication with him is achieved by means of a pad and pen but what I wrote above is still true. His son Stephen has a Honda S-wing, a smaller version of mine who also supplied me with diagrams and description of how the Twist and Go transmission works.

On a sad note, three days after my return from this trip we attended the funeral of Reg's wife, who lived in an adjacent room to Reg. His mind is as active as ever I know he will enjoy reading this, so once again, for Reg, here is:



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